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Emerald is classified as one of the traditional four precious stones along with sapphire, ruby and diamond. High quality stones are very limited in nature but gems of good color and size are available (for a price).   Emerald typically exhibits a color range of medium to dark green to bluish green and the rich color is derived from chromium, vanadium or a combination of both. The term “Columbian” Emerald has often been used to describe vivid, slightly bluish green stones of medium, to medium dark color, no matter what their actual geographic origin. Emeralds of lighter color are sometimes called “Brazilian” even if they are mined in Africa. (NIGERIA)


Medium to dark green to very strongly bluish green.

Transparent to opaque, Emerald is a Type III gemstone and is usually highly included.



Emerald can exhibit the phenomena of Chatoyancy, a striking three dimensional effect typically seen in tiger eye quartz.

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