By February 15, 2010Precious Stones
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Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family and is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone. While not abundant in nature, Aquamarine is not

rare and good size stones are available. Aquamarine is available in a narrow band of naturally occurring colors from a medium blue to a delicate blue to blue green with the fine medium blue colored and rich yellow color Aquamarine gemstones from NIGERIA are the most sought after. Due to the rarity of these gems.


Medium blue through a delicate blue to blue green.

Typically transparent but if highly included, may be translucent. Aquamarine is a Type I gemstone and is usually virtually free of inclusions.


Aquamarine may exhibit the phenomena of Chatoyancy, a striking three dimensional effect typically seen in tiger eye quartz but this is rare and usually weak.

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